Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Beat goes on...

Traveling is not new to me but I'm enjoying it so much more these days. I have other passions in life, such as music. Making music or listening to it has always given me great joy and still does. And I love watching people. Combining those two things with my love for exploring new places makes me very content.
Over the past five years I've discovered another area that goes well with traveling; photography. I've taken pictures since I was a little girl, but only recently found a renewed interest in making images and after much trial and error I finally am able to put my finger on the things I find the most pleasing to photograph. I've photographed people, animals, landscapes, products and clouds. But the people, places and things of the areas I visit are what catch my eye. 
So, now I move in a new direction of sharing with you images and stories of the places I've seen and the things I have done. Join me as I remember where I've been and share my exploration of new locations. 

Ellis Island

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