Thursday, January 5, 2012

Empty dirt lot in Chihuahuita area of Gallup, NM now a place of beauty.

Chihuahuita area in Gallup, NM has new art work which reflects one of the important industries that started our town.
Chihuahuita, Gallup, New Mexico
This is an area in Gallup, NM. I've lived here for 34 years and Chihuahuita has always been here. I have friends that live in this neighborhood and there are several excellant Mexican restaurants that are well known in town. The chili is too hot but I love the food anyway. But to return to this dirt lot. That's what it was and while some people in Gallup thought it was wasteful to spend money (I'm not exactly sure where the money came from) on this work of art, I find it much more attractive that an empty dirt lot, especially at night.
It represents one of the industries that brought many people to Gallup years ago, coal mining, and since that was what kept Gallup going while other businesses were forming, I'm always happy to see this little piece of artwork that reminds me and hopefully others of the sacrifice people made to move out to the Wild, Wild West.

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