Saturday, August 24, 2013

SDesigns Photography - Lake Oswego Oregon - Photography - portrait: Jabberwocky

Check out this awesome photo and post from Levi Sim, photographer extraordinaire!

SDesigns Photography - Lake Oswego Oregon - Photography - portrait: Jabberwocky

The Beat goes on...

Traveling is not new to me but I'm enjoying it so much more these days. I have other passions in life, such as music. Making music or listening to it has always given me great joy and still does. And I love watching people. Combining those two things with my love for exploring new places makes me very content.
Over the past five years I've discovered another area that goes well with traveling; photography. I've taken pictures since I was a little girl, but only recently found a renewed interest in making images and after much trial and error I finally am able to put my finger on the things I find the most pleasing to photograph. I've photographed people, animals, landscapes, products and clouds. But the people, places and things of the areas I visit are what catch my eye. 
So, now I move in a new direction of sharing with you images and stories of the places I've seen and the things I have done. Join me as I remember where I've been and share my exploration of new locations. 

Ellis Island


My most favorite image I've taken so far on my journey. 

The Treasury of Petra

Lisa Tannenbaum Award - InSight Women's Photography Exhibit 2013
General Collection - PPA

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Empty dirt lot in Chihuahuita area of Gallup, NM now a place of beauty.

Chihuahuita area in Gallup, NM has new art work which reflects one of the important industries that started our town.
Chihuahuita, Gallup, New Mexico
This is an area in Gallup, NM. I've lived here for 34 years and Chihuahuita has always been here. I have friends that live in this neighborhood and there are several excellant Mexican restaurants that are well known in town. The chili is too hot but I love the food anyway. But to return to this dirt lot. That's what it was and while some people in Gallup thought it was wasteful to spend money (I'm not exactly sure where the money came from) on this work of art, I find it much more attractive that an empty dirt lot, especially at night.
It represents one of the industries that brought many people to Gallup years ago, coal mining, and since that was what kept Gallup going while other businesses were forming, I'm always happy to see this little piece of artwork that reminds me and hopefully others of the sacrifice people made to move out to the Wild, Wild West.

Grafitti on a section of the barrier along the West Bank, Israel

I won't say much about this photograph because I don't really understand the politics of it and don't want to try to explain something I don't understand. But on the road into Bethlehem from Israel I really felt dismay for the people caught in this controversy, on both sides of the fence, and pray that it will soon be worked out for the good of all people.
What caught my eye the most was the graffiti and what it said or left unsaid.

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